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Overspending? Here's how to stop

Overspending? Here's how to stop

In order to help the environment and the world around us, it’s important to try and be more sustainable in your purchases. It’s good to be more intentional with your purchases, rather than just buying something in the moment or because it’s cheap and cheerful.
Question Your Purchases
Whenever you purchase anything, whether it’s a skincare product or a piece of clothing, be mindful of whether you need it or not. A good way to do this is to question your purchase before you buy it. Do you really need it? Is it going to provide value to your lifestyle? Having a number of questions to fall back on will help you make more timely and careful decisions.
Focus On Quality Over Quantity
Quality is always going to be better than going for quantity. The higher quality the product is, the longer it’s going to last. Anything that’s insanely cheap is likely to have been manufactured in a poor way that is likely to impact the environment more. By focusing on quality, you’ll end up having a minimalistic home in regards to your belongings and you’ll save money too.
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Stick To Your List
When you go shopping, it’s always worth taking a list, even if you’re just window-shopping. If you really need something, then it’s going to be on your list and if it isn’t, then it might be an impulse buy. Impulse buys are not always needed.
Being more intentional when shopping is going to help with your contribution to the environment. 

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