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Thank you for taking the time to chat with me, Sally.


Tell me a little about yourself and how you came to found PRESSOLOGY?

I am a cell and molecular biologist with an extensive background in Ayurvedic medicine and holistic self-care rituals for the mind, body, and skin. At a young age, through healthy home-cooked family meals, I became conscious of the impact food had on my physique. I learned that food is medicine, and continually opted for clean, organic ingredients that work with the natural harmony of the human body. As I grew, I developed a passion for skincare, and set out to integrate a more holistic approach to the beauty world with the idea of “what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body.” Skeptical of the long-term effects of ingredients that are used by big beauty brands, most of which I couldn’t pronounce, I began to explore my parents' kitchen for clean, natural ingredients I could use to curate my own beauty products. From facial oils, treatment sticks, cleansers, and face masks, I realized that I could care for my skin with nutrients straight from the kitchen. This is when my passion for a holistic whole-body approach began to unfold and PRESSOLOGY was born. I set out to research various herbs, superfoods, and cold-pressed oils with a goal to create an Ayurvedic beauty brand to organically heal and enhance the skin’s long-term health. 

What does Ayurveda mean to you?

Creating an unbreakable connection between my mind, body, and soul. Emphasizing good health, prevention, and treatment of any illness through slow, holistic practices such as massage, meditation, yoga, and dietary changes through herbal remedies.   


What was most important to you when you were coming up with what products you would make?

The brand is a reflection of my own conscious lifestyle. It’s important for me to formulate my products with organic ingredients that work with the natural harmony of the human body to heal and enhance the skin’s long-term health. 


What is your favorite product? Does it have a cool origin story?

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite product. The coolest origin story has to go to RED LENTIL ENZYME. My parents would make face packs out of lentils all the time when I was a kid. I remember watching them apply the masks and be in absolute awe once they removed the mask revealing the most beautiful and rejuvenated youthful glow. Lentils quickly became essential in my beauty and wellness rituals at a young age. Incoroprating the Ayurvedic beauty staple in my line makes it that much more personable. 


You know I am obsessed with GOLDEN HOUR? Why did you decide to name it GOLDEN HOUR?

It truly promotes that beautiful and natural GOLDEN HOUR glow. The botanical blend of USDA organic + vegan baobab and pomegranate brightens the skin without causing additional sun sensitivity like most vitamin c brighteners giving the skin a fresh burst of luminosity.  


Will you be expanding your product line?

Absolutley. We are currently working on our hybrid beauty line and we additionally have new item advancements including holistic facial tools! 


What inspires you as a founder?

My dream was to create a platform that could show up for people and the planet through activism in our environment, community, and agricultural chain. Today, PRESSOLOGY is actively forming relationships with non-profit organizations within the San Francisco area to help provide sleepy time essentials (a blanket, an age-appropriate book, and a stuffed animal) to underprivileged babies and children for sweeter night dreams. We are also proud members of 1% For the Planet where we donate 1% of our annual sales to environmental cause around the globe. 


Any advice for future Wellness founders?


  1. Connect and create genuine relationships with your customers. Build real relationships vs networking. People crave connection and want to get to know you and your story. The more personable, transparent, and honest you are with your customers, the closer they will feel to you and the brand. This will help you win affinity and loyalty.
  2. Stay informed. Trends are constantly evolving in the beauty world. Integrate these positive developments in your brand and use your platform to create awareness around the change you want to see!
  3. Have faith in your intuition. This takes some time and lots of experience but once you reach a point in your career, you realize you just need to trust your gut.
  4. Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. Be consistent with your messaging. Make sure that you are known for two to three reputable strengths that you demonstrate on a daily basis.
  5. Listen to your mind, body, and soul. As a CEO of a startup not only are you the CEO, you’re the marketing team, the photographer, social media manager, formulator, graphic designer, etc. You will be juggling and be wearing many hats and as great as that is, it can be overwhelming. Remember to pause and give your body time to recharge.


Thank you for your time.

Of course Jordan, so much love to you! We are very lucky to be part of the Shop PAZ              curation. 

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